Tronox Chandala Processing Plant

Tronox Chandala Processing Plant

Tronox Chandala Processing Plant

Take the Aerator tank drives at Tronox Chandala Processing Plant. Mixers are used in continuous batched production at the plant to produce uniform suspension of solids by aeration. The original gearboxes were failing, repairs were very expensive and a new original gearbox even more expensive.

We assessed the application, a 4pole 225 kW motor is installed via hydrodynamic coupling to obtain the required soft start and output speed. Working on a 12 hour duty cycle, correct working temperature is maintained via high speed shaft fan at full load with ambient air of 30 ~ 35C.

The solution, a replacement direct ‘drop in’ Donly DLB3V-12-S Bevel Helical Reducer was offered, an affordable, simple and timely resolution to the issue.

As of May 2017 there are three Donly units installed. The first box was installed & commissioned July 2015; the second box was installed & commissioned September 2015. The remaining box was installed & commissioned in August 2016.

Tronox Chandala Processing Plant

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