What Is The Future For CNC Machining in Perth WA?

What Is The Future For CNC Machining in Perth WA?
July 25, 2019 admin
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It would be an understatement to say that the mechanical engineering environment is ever-changing. Every month we are hearing of advancements in factory and machine automation. Various fields are relying more and more heavily on machine programming and engineering talent to make the most of this revolution in technology.

Today, CNC machine programmers are in huge demand throughout WA. These individuals work on both a creative problem-solving and an operational level. And, they’re crucial to heavy engineering as well as other industries. That’s all well and good but will we need CNC programmers in years to come? Will automated software render CNC machining jobs obsolete? Let’s take a look at what’s likely to happen in the future.

About CNC Machining

Mechanical engineering in Perth is moving forward every day thanks to CNC machining technology. But what is CNC machining? It’s the name given to a manufacturing process that uses pre-programmed software to control the movement of machinery and tools. What’s amazing is that CNC machining can be used for so many applications – from mills to lathes and grinders. Precision pieces can be made with just one set of prompts.

‘CNC’ is short for ‘computer numerical control’. It transcends manual control involving live operators needing to use wheels, buttons and levers. When you look at a CNC system, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s simply a normal set of computer components. However, the consoles and programs used are very different altogether.

Whole New Levels Of Automation

There are steady advances in terms of adaptive or closed loop machining, automated feature recognition, knowledge-based machining and so on. With these in mind, it seems to be that we are quickly approaching whole new levels of automation. That may be so, but that certainly doesn’t mean the end of CNC programmers. It simply means that the function and role of the programmer are going to be transformed. Generally speaking, the role will be more focused on the bigger picture of process planning rather than handling individual workpiece programs. Of course, the actual details of each job will also vary from industry to industry and on client need.

Revising Machining Strategies

It’s likely that machining strategies will need to be updated and revised consistently as new machine features and capabilities, new applications, new techniques and cutting tools are used. CNC machining in Perth WA will change and grow but it will not be fully automated. CNC programmers will have the responsibility of setting the decision-making habits and rules of the CAM software. Additionally, any issues will still need specialised human attention.

Virtual Reality

It’s like something out of a science fiction movie but virtual reality could be coming to a CNC machine near you. Researchers in mechatronics have shown how by using virtual reality operators can move their bodies so their motions can be saved as sequences in the machine program. With today’s innovations and fast-moving market, VR looks more and more viable in this sector.

The Present Day

CNC machining is a crucial aspect of many industry sectors throughout the Perth area. Local firms focus on providing quality services and solutions when their clients need them. CNC machining is in huge demand for many reasons including the following:

  • CNC machining works as precisely as it has been designed to. Parts made by the human hand are only as precise as the individual making them is.
  • CNC machining creates objects far more rapidly than humans alone can, even when they’re operating ‘normal’ machinery.
  • Thousands of precise copies of a part or object can be made by CNC. Ones milled by humans will not always, or perhaps ever, be perfect every time.
  • CAD programs can be used to create a part’s design, thereafter, the mill can be programmed to create it.

To conclude, CNC machining in Perth WA is an exciting, useful, fast-paced and precise science. Both the present and the future have so much to offer industries throughout the area and beyond. When we look at CNC programming as a whole, the job will change for many, but there will still be lots to do. Just keep an eye out for all the new developments that are coming month by month!