CNC Machining Explained

CNC Machining Explained
January 5, 2021 admin
Cnc Machining Explained

With added precision, sharp tools and improved accuracy, CNC machines can handle intricate shapes and deliver outstanding results. They use pre-programmed software to orchestrate tools and complex machinery which is essential for manufacturing a wide variety of components. From medicine to aerospace and military, CNC machining is utilised within many industries across WA. Here is how it works!


What is CNC Machining?


CNC machines are using computer software to plan the movement of drills, routers, saws, lathes, and other tools used for the manufacturing process. It comprises a computer console which can be navigated using a sequence of control commands. Some advanced systems are using CAD drawings to achieve greater precision in cutting and shaping a chosen material. The drawings are utilised as instructions via the Computer-Aided Manufacturing software. The final result is a meticulously shaped object in dimensions indicated by the CAD file.


Application of CNC Machining Perth-Wide


CNC machining is used in the oil, gas, power generation and mining because it can significantly improve quality and increase production volume while allowing a greater tool precision and flexibility. The oil and gas industry requires products and components that can withstand unexpected and abusive environments and can only be produced with such accuracy using CNC machines. These machining technologies are also used for making hydropower stations, dams and components for turbines and generators. In the mining industry where you can’t afford downtime, this technology enables rapid production while increasing safety and providing superb quality.


CNC machines are also commonly used to make extremely delicate instruments, medical equipment, diagnostic and surgical tools and a wide range of products used in modern-day households. Because these machines are precise and efficient, they are ideal for producing prototype parts. They are therefore often used for research purposes in schools, universities and other educational institutions.


Benefits of using CNC Machining in Steel Fabrication Perth


When compared to manually operated machines or hand tools, CNC technology offers more precision in steel fabrication. The tools are strongly controlled and therefore highly accurate, provided that they are properly maintained and sharp and calibrated. This is because steel is adequately positioned in a 3D system which can handle even complex shapes that are impossible to create with traditional tools.


Benefits of Using CNC Machining in Civil Engineering Perth


CNC machines provide increased productivity and cut the amount of time needed to complete projects. One of the key benefits is high cutting speed which is impossible to achieve with traditional tools. Manual operations are virtually impossible when rates reach 10,000 rpm, but they can be completed with CNC machines. Additionally, these machines combine a variety of tools. In the past, manufacturers had to purchase different machines to perform different tasks, and now, everything can be done with only one.


CNC machines are also contributing to the safety of workers because they can control the manufacturing process from a safe distance and behind the glass. Navigating the machines doesn’t require labour-intensive activities because the tools move automatically, which means that the operator is there simply to set up the program and oversee the process.