Engineering in the Mining Industry

Engineering in the Mining Industry
February 7, 2021 admin
Engineering In The Mining Industry

The mining sector has long been Australia’s most important industry and the biggest contributor to the country’s economy with $202 billion GDP last year. Western Australia has recorded a huge increase in sales despite the pandemic, especially in mineral sales. The industry depends on heavy engineering because it can help manufacture components and carry out mining equipment maintenance. Modern-day mining activities have shifted from underground work to open-pit mining, which requires the creation of new and advanced equipment. From manufacturing components and providing heavy machinery to offering maintenance services, engineering is constantly offering innovative solutions to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the mining industry.


Manufacturing Components


Mining projects rely on heavy engineering Perth-wide. With technical knowledge and the capacity to produce different parts fast, heavy engineering specialists are of vital importance for mining sites across Western Australia. Heavy machinery commonly used in the mining industry include dragline excavators, highwall miners, bucket wheel excavators, wheel-tractor scrapers and loaders. Engineering companies offer a significant contribution to the region’s mining industry by manufacturing and remanufacturing large components, such as blast hole drilling pipes, pumps and other crucial pieces of equipment. CNC machining enables rapid production, and the components are of the highest quality. This technology can be used for the production of gear blanks, shafts, gearbox houses, bearing seals or critical spare parts such as draglines and excavators or non-standard bolts and pins.


Heavy Engineering and Maintenance


Heavy engineering companies can efficiently support the mining industry by providing superb maintenance services. Mining equipment is made from the sturdiest materials which can withstand constant wear and tear. However, troubleshooting, inspection and regular service can help prevent major problems that could cause delays. In the mining industry, failures are quite common, and they need to be addressed promptly. It is essential to maintain mining operations at the desired level to ensure optimal productivity and high revenues. On the other hand, regular maintenance is also important because it increases safety levels at the mining site. All the equipment must be in excellent condition to minimise the risks of workers’ injuries.


Heavy Equipment Mechanical Repairs and Rebuilds


Machines that can excavate metal and mineral deposits are of vital importance to the industry, but they are also expensive. Replacing mining machinery is normally very costly, which is why using a professional reparation service is often the preferred choice. Specialists in engineering Perth-wide can help reduce costs by repairing and servicing mining equipment when needed. Typically, they oversee maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic pumps, motors and valves, wheel ends, steering, clutches, brakes and other crucial components. Reputable engineering companies can also carry out full machine rebuilds or complete overhauls on different heavy mining equipment. Rebuilding costs are often significantly lower than costs of replacement, and they pay off well in the long run. It is much cheaper to replace a few components or small parts than to purchase new equipment if this means many more years of usability. In addition to this economic benefit, reduced waste is also an important advantage.