The Pros and Cons of Civil Engineering as a Career

The Pros and Cons of Civil Engineering as a Career
August 19, 2019 admin
Civil Engineering – What’s It All About

Choosing a career for the future can be a pretty daunting prospect. You need to be entirely sure with regards to what you wish to do and who is ever totally sure of anything?! The field of civil engineering is one that’s an excellent prospect as civil engineering professionals are always in demand. Civil engineering is a professional discipline that focuses on the design, construction and maintenance of both the naturally built and physically built environment. Civil engineers work on projects such as dams, canals, bridges, roads, pipelines, sewerage systems and more.

The field of civil engineering can be broken down into various sub-disciplines so you can eventually specialise in a particular area such as coastal engineering, environmental engineering, municipal or urban engineering and so on. It’s a solid career choice as the advantages significantly outweigh the disadvantages. You’ll always have a job working in this particular arena! With this in mind, let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


So, let’s look at some of the advantages of choosing a career in civil engineering in Perth WA in particular.

    • Civil engineers are constantly in demand. As a society, people will always need civil engineers, so you’ll always be in employment. Humankind will always need built structures.
    • No two days are ever the same. Rather than being a routine job, civil engineers work in different locations with new challenges on a regular basis. The job isn’t routine so it’s perfect for you if you thrive on change!
    • Civil engineers are decently paid. You can make good money as a civil engineer and can potentially even start your own company.
    • Civil engineering is a respected profession. Being a civil engineer is a good job that people will show an interest in when you speak about it.
    • Civil engineers work indoors and outdoors. You can expect to spend lots of time outdoors as well as inside depending on what area you specialise in.


As with any profession, there are a few disadvantages to choosing a career in civil engineering. Let’s take a look.

    • Civil engineers have lots of responsibility. Good time management and prioritisation skills are crucial when you’re a civil engineer. You’re under pressure to meet contractual obligations and deadlines.
    • Civil engineers have little room for error. Mistakes can be costly in this field, so you need to have a keen eye for detail at all times!
    • Civil engineers often work outdoors in difficult conditions. If you love nothing better than curling up with a book in a cosy room, maybe this isn’t the job for you!

There are good points and not-so-good ones to every career or job. If you are interested in the field of engineering and feel that you have an aptitude for it, you should go for it! It’s a very rewarding job with the opportunity to meet and to work with a diverse number of clients and colleagues. Civil engineering and mechanical engineering in Perth area offer so many wonderful opportunities.