All About Structural Steel Fabrication

All About Structural Steel Fabrication
January 17, 2020 admin
Stainless Steel – A Great Metal For Use In Perth Industrial And Commercial Projects

Here, in Perth, steel fabrication is a thriving field. Steel fabrication itself is the process that involves transforming raw steel into a useful form that can be used in assembly or construction. An alloy of iron and other metals, steel is widely used throughout many industries and applications. Additionally, there are a wide variety of types of steels available for different uses and applications. Our team here at InLine Engineering can create steel fabrications in any shape or form you need when you need them. In this blog, we take a look at what steel fabrication is, some basic fabrication methods and some of the raw materials involved.

So, what is steel fabrication?

As we mentioned previously, steel fabrication involves shaping raw materials into a new and prescribed form. Our skilled and well-educated team of technicians are well versed in all areas of metal fabrication. Perth industries rely on our time-conscious, problem-solving approach that’s second to none in our field. We work with you, your ideas and needs, taking raw components and transforming them into working parts. We know only too well that there is no room for even the smallest error in terms of any fabrication work. This is just one of the reasons why we are the trusted leaders in the Perth steel fabrication field.

What are the basic methods of fabrication?

There is a variety of basic methods of fabrication. These include welding, cutting and machining. Let’s take a look at how these work.

  • Welding is perhaps the form of steel fabrication we all think about when the subject is mentioned. When welding, several pieces of steel can be combined or blended to create one piece.
  • Water jet cutting uses high pressure water to weld almost any material without distortion. This is a precise process that gives great results.
  • Machining is a process that takes a specialised piece of equipment and shaves metal away until the final shape is satisfactory. Drills, mills, lathes and more are used in machining.

Here, at InLine Engineering, we offer a complete steel fabrication service. Find out today why we pride ourselves on providing a completely bespoke service to local industry.

Tell me about some of the basic raw materials involved in steel fabrication

There are various different raw materials needed to create with steel. For example, the fabricator will need fittings, castings, plate metal, welding wire, flat metal, sectional metal as well as formed and expanded metal.

Why choose InLine Engineering for your fabrication needs?

Our company has been in operation since 2001. Throughout the years we have provided robust steel fabrication services to diverse sectors. We have built an enviable reputation over the years due to our innovative, economical and problem-solving skills. We are more than happy to take on projects of any size having worked on small jobs as well as huge ones. We will work with you to fabricate the parts that you need when you need then. For more information, simply get in touch.