Aluminium or Steel Fabrication – What’s Best?

Aluminium or Steel Fabrication – What’s Best?
June 18, 2020 admin

When most people think about the metal manufacturing industry, aluminium and steel come into the mix. Both these alloys are synthetic which, put simply, means that they don’t occur naturally. They need to be created by man in other words. Aluminium is incredibly versatile as well as cheaper than steel. Stainless steel’s huge positive point is that it can withstand incredibly high temperatures.


There are so many pros and cons when it comes to using either of these metals. Basically, everything really depends on what you’re wishing to have fabricated as well as the purpose the finished project will have. In this blog, we’ll look at aluminium and steel to get the lowdown on them to figure out how they compare with each other when it comes to fabrication projects.


Electricity Conduction


Stainless steel is not a good electricity conductor. On the other hand, aluminium is a great conductor of electricity so it’s useful for manufacturing car radiators, air conditioning units and more.


Heat Conduction


Aluminium has far better thermal conductivity than stainless steel. Having said that, stainless steel has a higher melting point than aluminium, so can be used in a wide variety of temperatures and environments.


Corrosion Resistance


Due to its composition that includes chromium, stainless steel is corrosion resistant to a certain degree. However, due to it being non-porous there is always the potential for corrosion to occur. Because of this, steel should be powder coated or painted to prevent corrosion and rust.


When it comes to aluminium fabrication, Perth engineering services companies often use the material because it is very corrosion resistant, flexible and lightweight.


Durability and Strength


You’re no doubt wondering which is more durable and stronger – aluminium or steel. Well, there is really no contest. It’s the carbon in steel that makes it heavy and unyielding. In fact, the more carbon it contains, the harder it becomes.




It will come as no surprise whatsoever that steel is a lot heavier than aluminium. However, which one that is used for a specific project is taken on a case by case basis. Aluminium is often the preferred medium for certain applications because it’s light yet sturdy whereas steel is heavy and dense.


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