Choosing the Right Perth Metal Fabrication Specialist is Easy When You Know How

Choosing the Right Perth Metal Fabrication Specialist is Easy When You Know How
August 21, 2020 admin
Metal Fabrication

Finding the best Perth metal fabricator who will fulfill your specific project requirements is key to the success of your organisation. There are so many unreliable pretenders out there who are looking to make maximum money for minimum effort. You need to avoid these guys at all costs. Think about it – the metal fabrication company you choose is an actual extension of your organisation.


Some might say that a good fabricator is one of the key driving forces that contributes to their overall success. And, they would be right. It’s crucial to engage the services of a professional metal fabrication partner that’s experienced. Not only that but they should have the workforce, resources, pricing, quality and customer service levels that make working with them easy rather than a chore.


If you don’t do your homework when selecting a fabricator for a mechanical engineering Perth project or similar, you could find that the work is not completed on time or to your satisfaction. In the worst-case scenario, their ‘work’ may even pose a danger to health or life. You may think that we’re exaggerating the risks of not securing the services of the right team, but, believe us, we’ve seen it all throughout our many successful years in the business.


Gear Up


InLine Engineering Services has been operating since 2001. Throughout the years we have proudly and expertly provided heavy engineering and maintenance services to a variety of sectors including the marine, resources and mining industries. We passionately believe in investing in our people so that we can provide you with the most professional, reliable and timely service possible.


In fact, our success as a team is based on our company motto – GearUp.


G – Geographically. InLine Engineering Services is well placed geographically in Perth and Pilbara to serve our client-base.

E – Experienced. Our highly experienced team has a robust, real understanding of the industry to pass on the benefits to you, our customer.

A – Accountability. We are fully accountable and responsible for every hour we work for you either at our workshop or on-site.

R – Reliability. We always do what we say we will. Guaranteed.

U – Understanding. We are fully conversant with every single aspect of all projects we undertake. Additionally, we have a full understanding of the industry we work in.

P – People. Our people set us apart from our competitors.


Our leadership, planning and site supervision is second to none in our field, so you can always be confident that your project will flow seamlessly from beginning to conclusion when you hire our team. Bear in mind that without the right fabrication partner, you’ll be faced with quality and design issues and time delays that will result in costly downtime. Taking all of the above into account, let’s take a more in-depth look at factors you need to keep in mind when you’re selecting a metal fabricator for your next large project.




While experience is an absolutely critical factor, it goes far beyond the time that a company has served in the metal fabrication industry. It’s more important to find out how experienced the workers are as well as what kinds of projects they’ve handled in the past. If you find out that the staff have not worked on similar projects to yours or that their employees lack experience, they’re probably not going to be a great fit for you. You don’t want an inexperienced team to be handling your crucial job.


You need a company that uses the most cutting-edge manufacturing and metal designing technology for your engineering Perth project. With this in mind, you need to ask your chosen fabricators if they have previously worked on a similar project to yours. You also need to find out whether they have the tech expertise to work on a project of your scale as well as whether they have previously built applications or projects similar to yours.




There can be absolutely no compromising on quality whether your product is large or on a smaller scale. There will be regulations your equipment or product has to comply with. Also, you need to have an end product that you can be proud of. Taking this into account, it’s crucial to be aware of any in-house standards that would meet with or even exceed the demands of your project.


When it comes to your mechanical engineering Perth project it’s advisable to ensure your chosen fabrication partner complies with quality standards as well as knowing all prescribed manufacturing processes. You also need to have a good idea of the metrics they use to track their quality performance, so you know they’re right for your project.




Experience is a critical factor, of course. However, it’s not just about time served in the industry. You also have to find out how experienced the workers are and also about the kinds of projects they have successfully completed so far. Should the fabricator not have worked on projects like yours in the past or they don’t have experienced employees, they probably won’t be a great choice. That being said, you should always go with a balance of head and heart when you choose your fabricator. Your own opinion counts!


Competitive Pricing


You’ll have to spend a good amount of your entire project funds on your metal fabrication which means that you want to hire a provider who offers a competitive price. As you probably already know, it’s best practice to obtain quotes from multiple companies. Remember though that opting for the lowest quote isn’t always the best idea. You need to ensure your provider is an expert at what they do.


Prices vary for lots of reasons. A company providing a higher-quality service will, of course, charge more than others. Even so, a company such as this will undoubtedly deliver in terms of schedule and quality standards. Thus, expensive delays will be prevented which is always a winner!


To conclude, not all metal fabricators are made equal, so choose the right one carefully!