Common Custom Metal Fabrication Misconceptions

Common Custom Metal Fabrication Misconceptions
April 9, 2019 admin
Common Custom Metal Fabrication Misconceptions

Finding a fabrication partner who understands what you need when you’re launching a brand-new custom metal fabrication project can be incredibly difficult. There are so many elements to consider such as budget, quality, time and logistics. You need to find a provider who can deliver what you need when and how you need it. In this blog, we look at some very common misconceptions when it comes to choosing the right custom metal fabrication partner for your needs.

A professional-seeming custom metal fabricator must know what they’re doing.

Although it’s crucial for a metal fabrication Perth company to present themselves well, just because one has a very polished website does not mean that they have the resources and work ethic to back everything up. So, it’s crucial to do your research before you commit to anything. Ask the fabricator for a tour of their premises. Be on the lookout for anything you don’t like or feel uncomfortable with about their facility such as obsolete equipment or a messy working environment. You want to see cutting edge technology that will suit your custom requirements. If the fabricator refuses you a tour, go elsewhere.

A good potential partnership will be with a company that specialises in metal fabrication Perth-wide and who offers a full service from the beginning to the end of your project. They should have the equipment, physical space and quality control systems in place to complete your projects in a timely manner.

You already have a design for your metal fabrication Perth so you don’t need an engineer.

To create a custom metal fabrication project, the partnership between the designer and the engineer is imperative. You need to ensure the right parts are in place in terms of translating your design into being before it goes forward to the fabrication process. There is so much activity that goes on behind the scenes between design and actual production including engineering and prototyping.

The lowest-priced fabricator will provide a better ROI

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but your alarm bells should be ringing if a fabricator comes back to you with a below-budget bid. Bear in mind that many metal and aluminium fabrication Perth providers are not full-service. Consequently, there could be hidden costs involved such as hiring external subcontractors. Cheap fabrication also screams poor quality control and a potential lack of communication possibly leading to expensive time-consuming mistakes.

There is no need for a product inspection when you work with a professional metal fabricator

When they’re looking for stainless steel fabrication, Perth businesses should choose a partner with quality control experts on staff. Full-service fabricators tend to find it easier to maintain quality control and inspections as everything is done under one roof. Their QC should involve documenting everything at various different stages of the job.

It’s important to look at the bigger picture when it comes to working with the right custom metal fabricator. Here, at Inline Engineering Services we are confident that we can deliver quality results on schedule and on budget each and every time.