Laser Cutting – Which Industries Use It?

Laser Cutting – Which Industries Use It?
February 25, 2020 admin
Laser Cutting Perth

In recent years, Perth steel fabrication, in particular, has moved forward considerably due to the number of technological advances made in the field. Laser cutting is now one of the most commonly used manufacturing processes throughout the world. You can find this utilised in the engineering, electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. Laser cutting has also come into its own in the medical sector where it’s commonly used for creating life-saving intricate medical devices. One aspect of utilising laser cutting technology is that it’s both accurate and affordable.

What is Laser Cutting?

Lasers can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The word ‘laser’ itself is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. When it comes to Perth steel fabrication, lasers are often used very successfully for cutting metal plates. When it comes to aluminium plate, mild steel and stainless steel, the process provides impeccable cut quality, a small heat affect zone and is extremely accurate. Due to all these properties, laser cutting allows small holes as well as intricate shapes to be cut.

Laser cutting is a process of fabrication that employs using a focused, thin laser beam to create shapes, patterns and fully customised designs. One real plus is that this process can produce delicate, complex parts without the need for a custom-designed tool.

The Many Advantages of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is dependable and provides an incredibly good quality finish, hence its popularity in industrial applications. Lasers provide perfect cuts that are very difficult to achieve when done by human hand. Additionally, lasers are highly accurate no matter how often a task is repeated. There is just no other medium that can as reliably and cost-effectively get amazing results!

Who First Invented the Laser Cutter

Kumar Patel started his laser research back in 1961 with Bell Labs. Fast forward to 1963 when the first even CO2 laser was developed. Since these times, research and progress have been moving forward at an incredible rate. It’s such an exciting field which holds a wealth of possibilities!

Exciting Innovations at InLine Engineering

When it comes to innovation and consistently moving forward both in the field of lasers as well as in all our civil engineering Perth work, InLine Engineering Services is the steel fabrication company you can always count on. We are specialists in heavy engineering and maintenance services to the resources industry. Since we began operations in 2001, we have worked with many clients from hugely diverse industries including mining, resources and marine disciplines.

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