Metal Bending – The K & Y Factors

Metal Bending – The K & Y Factors
February 19, 2021 admin
Metal Bending The K & Y Factors

First, let’s step back and talk a little about the K & Y factors in bends. Have no fears; I will introduce the metal bending into the discussion shortly. Until then, just bear with me.

K factor and Y factor are part constants applied in formulas to calculate the developed length of a flat sheet metal used to make a bend of a given angle and radius in a design. Usually, the K factor and Y factor are defined by the location of the neutral bend line of the sheet metal material with respect to the thickness. Sounds too technical?

Back to the topic at hand…metal bending.

Bending is a popular sheet metal fabrication service also referred to as flanging, press braking, folding, edging or die bending. Basically, it is a technique used to reform a material to a specific angular shape.

The process involves the use of force on a workpiece. Naturally, the force has to exceed the strength yielded by the material in order to attain a deformation. Only then can a lasting result be achieved in the form of a bend.

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