Metal Fabrication – A Short History

Metal Fabrication – A Short History
June 18, 2019 admin
Metal Fabrication – A Short History

Metal fabrication is the process of creating new metal products from raw metals. Parts can be expertly fashioned using a variety of metal fabrication tools and machinery. Metal fabrication in Perth is by no means something new. For many thousands of years metal has played a crucial role in human civilisation. Originally, various metals were prized for their beauty and rarity. Consequently, metals were used for decoration by many societies. Over time, people learned more about these substances. They found ways to mine and refine ores. This is how metals became the foundation for the exciting, healthy global economy we have today!

Us humans have been working with metal for many years. For example, there have been pieces of copper jewellery dating from as long ago as 8,700 BC that have been found in the Middle East. These adornments showed evidence of metal-manipulation processes. Also, copper was heated and hammered in America as long ago as 5,000 BC.  From relying on metals to enable us to craft survival tools to using metals to create armour swords and weapons of war – metal had so many historical uses.

It was in the 14th and 15th centuries that the development and the utilisation of different metals really began to develop. Tin, copper, iron and lead were construction industry fundamentals. Fast forward to the 17th century when metal rolling wheels were used to create uniform, thin sheets. This was a massive breakthrough in terms of metal fabrication because no heavy manpower and/or hammers were needed. Generally speaking, rolling mills had two heavy cylinders that pressed hot metal to form sheets of specified thicknesses. Initially, this was done by hand and later, using a hydraulic press.

It was in the 18th century that steel use became popular. It was a good price and strength to be used in railroads, machinery and weaponry. Cast iron sheets were also relatively cheaply produced around this time.

Metals are still just as relevant today in our modern society. They’re crucial to many industries. Even though there have been thousands of years that have passed since we first discovered metals, they’re just as important – if not more so – today than ever before. Think about it, global trade has flourished supported by steel cargo ships as well as robust metal shipping containers. Metal fabrication is relied on to developing all sorts of infrastructures in our communities – buildings, bridges, transport, machinery, electronics and so much more.

Metals are so crucial to who we are as a society that it is impossible to imagine a world without them. There have been so many technological advances in the metal fabrication field that today’s components can be made with absolute precision. It has to be said that without metal fabrication, our lives would be very different.

The fact is that metals are part of who we are as a society. Life without them would be unimaginable as they’re so intertwined with our history. We’re excited about the future of Perth steel fabrication. We look forward to seeing what lies ahead!