Perth Steel Fabrication Technology and Craftsmanship

Perth Steel Fabrication Technology and Craftsmanship
March 19, 2019 admin
Perth Steel Fabrication Technology And Craftsmanship

Every custom Perth steel fabrication job has its own demands as well as intricacies. It’s true that when industry demands a meticulous very specific type of machining that CNC machining Perth can be relied on to get the job done perfectly. Here, we focus on Perth steel fabrication technology and craftsmanship from Inline Engineering Services.

CNC Machining and Craftsmanship

CNC (computer numerical controlled) milling involves using computer software pre-programmed to dictate the movement of machinery and tools. The CNC process supersedes manual control limitations. At Inline Engineering Services we have the skills, knowledge and equipment necessary to create functional parts via CNC technology no matter how big or small the job.

We operate a well-equipped CNC lathe, machining and milling centre. Our machine shop capabilities are as follows:

  • Manual turning capability – 670mm diameter – 354mm over bed – 3.5 metres long
  • Manual milling capability – 500mm high x 820mm long x 320mm wide
  • Vertical borer – 1.5 metre swing x 500mm long
  • CNC turning capability – 550mm diameter x 250mm long, 300mm over bed x 2.3 metres long
  • CNC Machining Centre – X AXIS – 1,200mm, Y AXIS – 600mm, Z AXIS – 500mm
  • Rotary grinder – 690 mm diameter x 190 mm high
  • Bandsaw – 300 mm diameter
  • Radial Arm Drill – 1.5 metre diameter x 1.4 metres high4 tonne overhead travelling crane

Our CNC machining Perth operators are real craftsmen. Just present them with your specific needs and they’ll apply their knowledge, skills and experience to fullfil your exacting project requirements. We understand that every job we do is completely unique. Our steel fabrication team can expertly set coordinates to tiny dimensions to ensure your finished piece is completely right. Our expert team will help you save both time and money because we work in a detailed rapid fashion to minimise any downtime for your business. For metal fabrication Perth-based Inline Engineering Services is second to none.

Advancements in Technology

Advancements in technology are being made at a fast rate. As these new technologies come onto the market, we pride ourselves on being the first to adapt, to meet and to adopt them. These enable us to extend our capabilities remembering also that our staff are an indispensable asset to our operations. Using technology and state-of-the-art processes we can create custom metal fabrications. Our use of technology ensures our products are precise as well as waste-decreasing.

We fully embrace new technologies in machining. Our in-house Inline team specialise in the delivery of metal fabrication Perth, machining and precision mechanical fitting. We have the experience where it matters. We can easily cope with fluctuating changeable requirements, always delivering precision results when and where it matters.

Real Craftsmanship Guaranteed

As you can probably tell by now, we have a huge passion for what we do here at Inline Engineering Services! We are passionate artisans who pride ourselves on consistently meeting and exceeding customer hopes and requirements. Our customers are our lifeblood and our collaborators. Inline Engineering has all the traditional craftsmanship accompanied by up-to-date know how to work with you to create your vision.