Stainless Steel: Commercial & Industrial Projects

Stainless Steel: Commercial & Industrial Projects
November 27, 2020 admin
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Due to its fantastic properties and aesthetical appeal, stainless steel is one of the most popular metals. Throughout Perth, steel fabrication is a preferred choice across a wide range of industries. From kitchen utensils and surgical tools to bridges and airport roofs, this high-quality metal has many uses because it is strong, ductile and resistant to corrosion. Here is why it is one of the best materials for commercial and industrial projects!


The Main Advantages of Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is a stable and versatile metal with an extensive list of benefits. Firstly, it is heavy, dense and strong, which means you can save space by using less material to create solid structures. Stainless steel is also famous for its hygienic properties which makes it a preferred choice for kitchens, hospitals and facilities for storing and producing food and pharmaceuticals. It is resistant to corrosion which is commonly caused by acids, alkaline solutions and chloride. Because of its chemical composition, stainless steel is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. It is an alloy of iron and carbon containing at least 10.5% chromium and less than 1.2% carbon or other elements. It can be enhanced by adding nickel, titanium, niobium, molybdenum or manganese. Because it is ductile and can withstand high or low temperatures as well as pressures, it is very easy to fabricate.


Stainless Steel Fabrication


Methods of stainless steel fabrication Perth engineers are typically using include CNC machining, welding, forming, pressing, bending, rolling, stitching and stamping. It is also suitable for all other common metal fabrication techniques, which makes it easy to shape. Being one of the sturdiest and most durable materials, steel can withstand even the most aggressive metal cutting strategies and hot temperatures. Unlike aluminium which has a low melting point, stainless steel is much less likely to deform, bend or break when you use force or heat because it is 2.5 times denser. It is also resistant to corrosion and doesn’t require painting or galvanising to survive in humid environments.




Finding innovative stainless steel solutions is one of the main challenges for industrial engineering Perth-wide. This metal is commonly used for applications which require all the key benefits of steel along with anti-corrosion properties this unique alloy is famous for. It is a great building material due to its superior strength and ductility. Stainless steel products are also often used for:


  • Kitchens (cutlery, cookware, kitchen utensils and sinks)
  • Sanitary fixtures (pipes and fittings, industrial toilets)
  • Food production (tanks for food storage)
  • Medicine (surgical tools, medical equipment, surgical implants and dentistry)
  • Architecture (building structures, bridges, monuments)
  • Transportation (cars, aircraft)


Stainless steel is a No. 1 choice for WA engineers because it is durable, reliable, non-corrosive and efficient. InLine Engineering is your local stainless steel fabrication and repairs expert in Perth since 2001 specialising in commercial and industrial projects. Our team of experienced and highly-skilled professionals can create custom stainless steel products that suit your unique requirements. Get in touch to discuss your next project!