Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical Maintenance (on-site and off-site repair)

Our mechanical technicians have the experience, competency and tools to assess and work on issues on-site. For example, to assess gearbox conditions we use a combination of visual inspection, vibration monitoring and oil analysis. Our team is unrelenting in their diagnostic methods, always recommending the right course of action for you. InLine Engineering Services  has 4 portable 3m tool containers, pulley removal equipment, rigging containers and specialty rigging, stainless steel shims, laser alignment equipment and a complete fleet of vehicles including light vehicles and trucks.

Bucket Wheel Reclaimer Gearbox At Inline's Workshop In Preparation For Overhaul Karratha InLine Engineering
Machine Maintence Perth

Workshop Capabilities:

  • Gearbox strip and rebuild facilities
  • No-load gearbox testing with load-testing facility currently under development
  • Balancing items up to 2 metres long
  • Spray painting booth
  • 100 tonne press
  • 100 tonne coupling puller
  • Induction-heating capability
  • 16 tonne overhead travelling crane
  • 2 x 2 tonne swivel jib hoists
  • ‘Enviropeel’ capabilities
  • ‘Milcor’ shrink-wrapping capabilities
  • Parts washer, 1 metre diameter x 400mm high
  • 7 tonne forklift
  • 2 tonne forklift

The InLine Difference

Not only do we work out of our facility in Port Hedland, but we have our own fleet of transportable bespoke ‘on-site’ containers. Each is specially equipped in line with known site conditions and any specific job requirements. We have the manpower and equipment to be on-site where solutions are needed. We service major operations within the WA region, including rail, power generation, mine-site, stockyard and ship-loading facilities, power generation and port material handling.

Take a look at these interesting figures to see for yourself how well-equipped we are to take care of all your mechanical maintenance needs in our Port Hedland workshop:

  • Manual turning capability – 670mm diameter – 354mm over bed – 3.5 metres long
  • Manual milling capability – 500mm high x 820mm long x 320mm wide
  • Vertical borer – 1.5 metre swing x 500mm long
  • CNC turning capability – 550mm diameter x 250mm long, 300mm over bed x 2.3 metres long
  • CNC Machining Centre – X AXIS – 1,200mm, Y AXIS – 600mm, Z AXIS – 500mm
  • Rotary grinder – 690 mm diameter x 190 mm high
  • Bandsaw – 300 mm diameter
  • Radial Arm Drill – 1.5 metre diameter x 1.4 metres high
  • 4 tonne overhead travelling crane

In 2016 alone, InLine responded to 23 breakdowns for our clients in the Pilbara. These breakdowns range from bearing failures on bucket wheel shafts to gearbox failures. Our fully-equipped workshop came into its own throughout nine of these breakdowns for component manufacture and shaft machining. We carried out these repairs fast. These were not subject to freight delays that could impede on client business as these were all manufactured and actioned locally.

Perth Mechanical Maintenance – Mechanical Maintenance Perth

With experience comes know-how. Inline Engineering are Perth and Pilbara mechanical maintenance experts and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in mechanical maintenance. We are passionate about delivering efficient and economical solutions and can design, manufacture and deliver a complete range of mechanical maintenance services.

Our team of talented maintenance technicians are dedicated to providing the perfect mechanical maintenance solution for you. Call us or contact us to discuss your mechanical maintenance requirements.

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