Shutdown Support Services

Shutdown Support Services

Inline Engineering has developed a full range of various services designed to support your business during shutdown periods. To respond to our client’s needs, ILES has established the following specialised mechanical maintenance shutdown services, including:

  • Gearbox, motor, pulley and bogie change outs
  • In situ bearing and trunnion wheel change outs
  • Apron feeder overhaul and change outs
  • Condition monitoring, vibration analysis and laser alignment
  • Upgraded equipment. Engineering, design, manufacture and installation
  • Mechanical shift coverage
Inline Engineering Shutdown

The Inline Difference

At Inline Engineering Services, we pride ourselves on consistently creating solutions to address specific client concerns and to reduce downtime as far as possible. We are proud to offer precise mechanical overhaul, machining and repair services, including:

  • Gearbox overhaul and repair
  • Supply and manufacture of new gearboxes, electric motors and complete drive bases
  • Fixed plant equipment overhaul
  • Manufacture and/or machining of new components
  • Fabrication and metal spraying
  • CNC machining
  • Paint booth, testing equipment, dynamic balancing equipment, horizontal and vertical presses and fabrication equipment

Inline has the skills, knowledge and people-power to deliver strategised outcomes. We use a field assessment tool on all shutdowns. Our supervisors and leading hands carry out observation-based assessments for all casual resources. These are ranked against the following criteria:

Aptitude – Trade skills, additional competencies, quality of work and work-rate 

Safety – Compliance, meaningful contributions, housekeeping and awareness 

Attitude – Initiative, time-keeping, teamwork, punctuality and reliability 

Leadership – Mentoring, job-perspective or task-perspective and example-set

Perth Shutdown Support Services – Shutdown Support Services Perth

With experience comes know-how. Inline Engineering are Perth shutdown support services experts and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in shutdown support. We are passionate about delivering efficient and economical solutions to minimise downtime on the job.

Our team of talented technicians are dedicated to providing expert shutdown support services to you. Call us or contact us to discuss your shutdown support requirements.

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